Our History

Barrett Collision Center was first started by O.B. Barrett in 1962. These were simpler times when the record of the year was “Moon River”, by Henry Mancini. The cost of a 1st Class Stamp was 4 cents.

O.B. was slowly and faithfully building his business when in 1964, he hired a young upstart who also happened to be his son-in-law, Claud Champion. Claud had big dreams for this business. He had already owned and managed a small gas station for a little while and knew that cars were his life. Although Claud was ready to go, he still took a backseat to his mentor O.B. Barrett. “I was young and aggressive in those days and O.B. was wise and mature. That combination kept us (Barrett Collision Center) from growing and expanding too quickly,” says Mr. Champion.

As the years rolled by O.B. felt that it was time to let the younger generation have a go at it. So, in 1978, O.B. retired and sold the business to Claud and his wife Jo. Some would have thought that Claud would have named the business after himself, but Claud had so much respect for O.B. that he would never have even considered it. “He taught me to treat every customer as family and to repair every car as if it were my own.” That winning attitude is what keeps the business growing and is what makes Barrett Collision Center what it is today.